Toddler Room: Under Construction!

The children had a fun-filled week building with items large and small. After working with Styrofoam pieces in art studio, children explored enormous cardboard boxes in the classroom. They began their work by lifting the cardboard boxes together. One child called it: "Teamwork!" Once they found a space for the boxes, children pretended the group of boxes was a garbage truck and filled it with "garbage" from the classroom.

Earlier in the week, Izzy's mom helped children make smoothies on Izzy's birthday! When the blender began to crush the ingredients and make loud sounds, some children covered their ears, some laughed, and some watched carefully as the ingredients blended together.

New Construction Zone

On Friday, work began on a new entrance to the toddler room. The children were captivated by the sight of the construction. Many of them shared their thoughts about our old entrance coming down. One child said the old entrance was "ruined", and many expressed both concern and delight as pieces of wood were removed by saying: "Uh oh!" and "Broken!" Together, we talked about how we could reach our playground while the entrance is under construction and about the tools being used to change our space.

Next week, we will have a construction zone in our classroom to explore children's interest in tools, buildings, and vehicles. We will use a projector in the classroom to share a video of the Breakwater Construction site.  It will be a provocation to invite the children to interact with the Breakwater construction project as they investigate with classroom materials.  

If you have any of the following items at home that you would be willing to lend to our classroom to support our construction zone, please send them our way:

-Hard hats

-Orange vests

-Construction vehicles (big or small!)

-Work boots

-Work gloves

-Measuring tapes

-Tool belts



-Tool boxes

-Gently used paint brushes

-Empty clean paint cans

Friendly Reminders

There is no school next week from Wednesday, November 23rd to Friday, November 25th. Happy Fall Break!

On Monday, November 21st, we will visit the Fore River Sanctuary with play dough to collect different textures and items from nature. If you would like to join us, please let us know! We plan to leave at 9 AM.


You could ask your child about how the ingredients for the smoothies changed when they went into the blender. Ingredients used included mango chunks, strawberries, yogurt, and apple cider.

Using photos below, you could ask your child what they built with the large cardboard boxes and how they moved the boxes in the classroom.

Here are a few photos from our week:

Making Smoothies


Big Box Play - "It's A Garbage Truck"

More Fun Photos