First Snow Fall Nature Walk and Construction Has Begun!

Today we enjoyed our first snowfall with a magical nature walk.  Children were enthralled as the wind blew snow off the trees.  They tasted the snow, picked it up and giggled with delight as they threw it into the water.  Each child also explored with creating imprints of nature in play dough. Some of the children's favorite objects to print included bark, moss and acorns.  One child pressed the play dough into the snow, which began an interesting discussion of the "wormy", "slimy", "icky", "sticky".   

Indoors many construction projects were underway.  Each child explored with saws, hammers, and screwdrivers to create and construct.  We watched Brian use a jackhammer to "break apart the concrete" in our stairs and listened to the loud noise the jackhammer made.  One child made a jackhammer and worked inside beside the video image of Breakwater's very own construction site.


When you show your child the photos you can ask them what they pressed their play dough on to make marks.  

You can also ask what tools they worked with and what the jackhammer sounded like.    

Snow Fall Nature Walk

Construction Work