All Fall Down! Cooking and Exploring with Moon Sand!

This was a magical week full of outdoor fun, cooking and sensory experiences.  Outdoors children continued to enjoy running games, as well as playing Ring around the Rosie around the tree on the climber. It was especially exciting to run outdoors in the rain.  While running children sang Rain Rain Go Away and made up a simple Raining and Running chant.

Indoors children worked together to make pumpkin spice play dough and popcorn, as well as a delicious batch of applesauce for the Harvest Festival.  The children talked about the changes they saw when we added the wet ingredients into the dry, as well as when we cooked the play dough and apple sauce on the hot plate.  They danced to the beat of the corn kernels popping and enjoyed turning the crank to make the applesauce come out through the food mill.  We also cut up a mango together and gobbled up the delicious fruit, which was enjoyed by all.  

In the sensory table children pretended with our moon sand, making ice cream, soup, coffee, and pancakes.  They also explored the texture as they spooned it into bowls and poured it out.  Some friends took great pleasure in sweeping what fell onto the floor.   

Friendly Reminders:

No School

We are closed on Friday, November 11th.  Thank you to all who have and are taking care of our country by your service in the military.  

Rain Gear

Please send your child in rain gear (rain coats and rain boots) on rainy days. We love to get out in all weather and it is much more fun when we can splash in puddles!

Here are some photos of the children preparing play dough, popcorn and apple sauce:


Exploring with Moon Sand:

A Day in the Life

Weekly Ask

You can talk with your child about these photos and find out what they remember about our week. Some questions you can ask are:  Did you like the feel of the moon dough?  What did you do with it?  How did the apples change in the pot?  What noises did you hear when the apple sauce went through the food mill?    

Next week we will continue to explore with our homemade playdough and moon sand.  We will also work on making a different type of dough during our art studio time and create something special with it as the week progresses!  Outdoors we will continue to run and play group games such as Ring Around the Rosie, Here We Go Loopty Loo and The Hokey Pokey.  

Have a great weekend!