Our Monday Adventures!

Today children enjoyed many exciting Monday adventures.  They began the day exploring with rocks, moon sand and play dough.  The children used their hands to roll play dough to make "worms" of various sizes, as well as "cheese" and "teeny tiny balls".  While working we heard a sound that we didn't recognize and took an adventure to Kindergarten to find out what it could be.  We discovered the Kindergarteners were using small saws to cut doors into cardboard on a project.  The toddlers were invited to help and took turns sawing with our older friends.  A little later the children heard another noise on our way up to get snack and discovered that Graham was working with tools to add more cubbies to the Forest Room.  We talked with him about his work and investigated the hammer, drills, saws and flash lights in his tool bag we continued our journey. On the stairs the children pretended to be puppies and crawled down the hallway barking and wagging their tails.  A fun day was had by all!


Talk to your child about our adventures today.  You can ask them how they moved their hands to make a worm or what sounds they heard from the other classrooms.  You can also find out what it sounds like when they moved the saw in the cardboard.

Friendly Reminder

 There is No School on Friday, November 11th, due to Veterans Day.

Have a great night!