Writing, Rolling, and Running!

We had so much fun during the warm weather this week! On Tuesday, the children played Ring Around the Rosie, slid down the slide, and pushed pumpkins around the playground with the toy trucks. Many children have been experimenting with writing. Children used crayons, markers, and small pencils to write on both large sheets of paper and small papers from notepads. On Wednesday, children spent most of our morning outside on the toddler playground. Children picked up and knocked down giant bowling pins. They even discovered they could pretend to ride them! Children also worked together to create a big leaf pile using rakes. Many children laughed as they piled the leaves onto the slide and watched their friends slide down, sending leaves everywhere! On Thursday, children used large pieces of styrofoam as ramps for cars and trucks. After a few minutes of sending vehicles down the ramps, children decided to break the styrofoam into many pieces. Some children talked about the sounds the styrofoam made when it broke: "Pop!" and "Boom!" One child said that children were "snapping" the styrofoam.

Friendly Reminders

There is no school tomorrow, November 11th, due to Veterans Day.


You could show your child the pictures below and ask them about what they did outside this week. You might also ask your child what kinds of marks they made with crayons, markers, or chalk. You could also ask your child what happened when they broke the styrofoam.

Photos of Friends Writing

Photos of Friends Outdoors

More Fun Photos

Next week, the children will construct three-dimensional artwork by inviting children to use styrofoam, markers, glue, and other materials to create! We look forward to seeing what they build together.