Digging! Mixing! Moving!

Construction continues at Breakwater! Outside of the toddler classroom, people are working hard to change our school. Inside the toddler classroom, the children are working hard with their minds, hands, and tools. They pretended the big boxes in our classroom were garbage trucks, houses, and boats. Some children filled the boxes with classroom materials such as Styrofoam blocks, sticks, and blankets while others were more interested in using plastic tools to saw, tap, and break the boxes.

Earlier this week, we made a new batch of play dough. Children are beginning to measure ingredients by noticing when cups and spoons are full or when they need "more." They noticed the play dough was drier than usual and were intrigued by the tiny clumps the play dough made. After we added water to make the play dough softer, children used the construction tools in our classroom to cut and poke the play dough.

Friendly Reminders

Signing In and Out

Please be sure to sign your child in and out at the beginning and end of the day. Our sign-in/sign-out clipboard is located on top of the cubbies.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Please send your child to school with weather-appropriate clothing. We go outside every day unless we are experiencing severe weather. Weather-appropriate clothing may include:

  • Hats
  • Mittens/Gloves
  • Boots
  • Warm jackets
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Rain gear

Winter Concert Dress

Our winter concert is almost here! On the evening of the concert, please dress your child in monochromatic clothing. Children may wear any kind of clothing they want to as long as they come dressed in a single color!

Here are some fun photos from this week:

Making and Working with Play Dough

Music with Danielle

Building Big and Small