Flashlight Pajama Party, Messy Play and Trains in The Dan

During our flashlight pajama party toddlers enjoyed making and eating popcorn in the toddler room, taking care of babies in the Castle Room, dancing with flashlights in the Forest Room and playing in forts outside of the Kindergarten Room.  On Wednesday each friend enjoyed turning our moon sand into a wet, messy, sticky substance.  The children scooped it up, poured it into various containers, splattered it and watched it drip.  They were interested in the texture and the marks it made as it encountered different surfaces.  Our play was so much fun we decided to forgo our outdoor play for a trip to The Dan.  The children rode and pushed scooters, turned them into trains and pushed balls around.  A fun-filled and magical short week!

Friendly Reminders

Enjoy your Winter Break.  School will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Tucker will join our class on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Welcome Tucker, Krys and Kevin!

Please replenish your child's extra clothes, including socks, underwear and extra warm layers

Ask:  When you show these photos to your child you can ask what sounds they heard during our pajama party and how they moved their body.  You can also talk about how the moon sand changed and what it felt like.  

Flashlight Dance Party

Messy Play

Bikes in The Dan

Fun Photos