Playing, Painting and Pretending

We have enjoyed a busy, chilly week in the toddler room so far!

The children welcomed a new friend, Frankie, into our classroom this week. We are delighted to have Frankie join us.

During art studio, children painted the cardboard boxes from our construction zone using paintbrushes with many different bristle sizes and shapes. Some even used their hands! Different colors of paint mixed together on the cardboard. Many children named the colors they saw and talked about how the paint on their fingers was many different colors.

Perhaps even more fun than painting was cleaning up the classroom. Children took turns at the bathroom sink to wash their hands and their paintbrushes. Some brought paper towels and brooms to wet spots on the floor to help clean up. Others helped adults wash brushes in the big sink using soap and water. 

When the weather was too cold or the playground was too icy for us to venture outside, we visited the community room and the Dan to have fun with new materials. The space station in the community room is one of the children's favorite places to play, as well as in the sand table with construction vehicles.

New ideas keep popping up in our construction zone! Two children worked together to build a crane out of hollow blocks and pretended to drive it. The next day, three children used the blocks as a work bench and pretended to saw, all while lined up next to each other! We can't wait to see what they think of next.

Please read a few reminders about upcoming events and classroom tasks below:

Sign In and Out

Please remember to sign your child in and out of the classroom. The sign-in/out sheet is located on top of the cubbies near the classroom entrance.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

There will be no school on Monday, January 16th, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Ask:  When you share the photos below with your child you can ask how they spread paint on the boxes during Art Studio.  

Painting Boxes in Art Studio

Exploring the Community Room

Pretend Play in the Construction Zone

More Fun Photos