A Short, Snowy Week

When children returned to school after the three-day weekend, they discovered new materials in the block area: small, medium, and large paper cups. The cups made it to every corner of the classroom! Some children filled cups with water from the water table, some used the cups to build towers, and some yelled into the cups to hear how their voices changed. Many children filled the cups with gems. Others continued to explore different ways of filling, dumping, and sorting with the gems.

On Wednesday, the children were delighted to find our playground covered with snow! Kindergarten joined us outside to dig with shovels, fill dump trucks, and climb in the snow.

Please read the following friendly reminders:

Mid-Year Conferences and Reports

It's halfway through the school year already! We will be holding mid-year conferences in February. Please be on the lookout for an email with details about dates, times, and care available for the toddler students. Before your scheduled conference, you will receive a copy of your child's mid-year report that describes all of the different ways your child is learning and growing in our classroom.

Sign In and Out

Please remember to sign your child in and out of the classroom. We are moving our sign in/out clipboard to the free-standing shelf near the sensory table. If you don't see the sign in/out sheet, please let Erica or Katie know and we will find it for you!


You could ask your child which materials they used in the block area. Materials included hollow blocks, paper cups, gems, trucks, and bags.

You could ask your child many questions about the snow: What did it look like? Feel like? Taste like?

Please enjoy these photos from our week:

Snow, Snow, Snow

Cups and Gems

More Fun Photos