Mixing colors and Cleaning Up

During Art Studio this week the children enjoyed squeezing red, yellow and blue paint out of squeeze bottles.  They used a variety of brushes and stampers of various textures to spread the paint on a large box, as well as paper.  Each child requested specific colors to squeeze, "I want red.  I want yellow.  I want blue."  They were delighted when they mixed the paint and created a different color.  "Purple.  It's purple now."  One child said, "I want to make orange." The child looked for two colors of paint to mix and got to work.  She spread yellow on the paper, then she spread blue and said with a large smile, "Oh, that's not orange.  It's green!"  

The children again enjoyed the process of cleaning up each of our paint-covered materials, as much as the work with the paint itself.  They dipped brushes and paint containers in soapy water in the sink and in the sensory table.  What a great way to end our art studio by cleaning up the materials!  

In order to continue this interesting exploration of mixing colors and cleaning up we offered the children a provocation of left over paint and water in squeeze bottles along with soapy water.  The children squeezed and mixed some more.  The resulting soapy blue water reminded one child of the ocean.  She asked for sea creatures.  Another child enjoyed squeezing a sponge to create an interesting texture on the floor and another preferred to move her hands quickly to create more bubbles.  We're excited to see where our color mixing and work with sudsy water will take us next week!   

A Big Step Up:  We have some exciting news.  Our toddler stairway is complete!  You may begin using it on Monday.  Please be careful: there is a big step up and down to head down the stairs.   

Friendly Reminders

Extra Clothes:  Please check your child's clothes bin and make sure they have at least two sets of extra clothes including:  pants, shirts, underwear, socks and one extra sweatshirt or sweater.

Sign In:  Remember to sign in.  Our sign in sheet is on the shelf next to the rug.  

Ask:  When you look at the photos of our Art Studio time ask your child what colors they explored with and if they created any new colors.   

When you look at photos of our work in the sensory table you can talk with your child about what colors they squeezed into the water.  You can also ask your child what they liked to do with the sudsy water.  

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