A New Year in the Toddler Room

Welcome back to the toddler room!

We can't wait to begin a year of new challenges, discoveries, and play! The children began their week back at school with a new experience in the water table: washing baby dolls. Some children focused on scooping water and pouring it on the babies while others loved using the sponges to soak up and squeeze out water. Still other children enjoyed scrubbing the babies to make them "clean."

Later in the week, everyone discovered new materials in our curiosity corner. Children filled muffin tins, bowls, pots, and other containers with shiny gems. Some chose to sort the gems into different trays, some pretended the gems were gummies to eat, and some poured them on the floor and swept them up with brooms. Many of the children talked about how some items were "bumpy" while others were "smooth." Materials in the curiosity corner included bristle blocks, plastic bottle caps, gems, and aluminum foil.

On Friday, Sari visited our classroom to help the children build boxes with handles. Children used drills to make holes in the boxes and to secure screws to keep the handles on. Many of them chose to fill their boxes with gems.

Here are a few friendly reminders for the new year:

Sign In and Out

Please remember to sign your child in and out of the classroom. The sign-in/out sheet is located on top of the cubbies near the classroom entrance.

No School on Friday, January 13th

There will be no school on Friday, January 13th, due to a professional development day.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

There will be no school on Monday, January 16th, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. day.

A Note About Mittens and Gloves

In addition to sending your child to school with warm mittens or gloves, you may want to send in an extra pair of gloves so your child can manipulate snow and toys. Ski mittens are great for keeping hands warm but can be frustrating when children want to pick things up. Keeping an extra pair of gloves at school allows children to make a choice based on what they would like to do outside. Children may also enjoy keeping a pair of flexible gloves under warm mittens.


You could ask your child what they did with the gems and trays in the classroom. You could also ask your child what tools they used to move the snow, slush, and ice on the playground. Tools on our playground include snow shovels, scoops, rakes, and sticks.

Please enjoy these photos from our week:

Washing Babies

Working with Gems

Woodworking with Sari

Fun in the Community Room