Water, Water, Everywhere!

This week everyone explored painting in many different ways! In one area of the room, children painted with brushes (or their hands) on an easel. Next to the easel, other children dumped bottles full of painty, soapy water into the sensory table, which was full of funnels, cups, and ocean animals. In art studio, some children worked on painting the inside of a large cardboard box and washed materials in the water table to clean up. During these busy painting times, some children used the names of colors, and when painting was done, they continued to talk about colors on their clothing, on their blankets, and on the classroom materials.

The block area of our classroom transformed into a fort! Friends enjoyed hiding behind pieces of cloth and climbing in and out of this new, special place. Sometimes the fort was a boat, sometimes a place to care for babies, and sometimes a place to play a game of peek-a-boo! One day, all of the children climbed onto the hollow blocks and pretended to sleep after one child said : "We're home. Time to sleep!" after a pretend trip to and from Florida.

Later in the week, many children had questions about the layout of our school. One child asked: "I see a window up there. What's behind it?" when they saw the window to the office. Teachers asked: "How could we find out?" Another child suggested: "Have to walk around to look around to find it!" The next day, a small group of friends took a trip to say goodbye to a visitor in the office. One friend asked: "What's up there?" when they saw the two staircases leading up to the second floor of our school building. Another friend said: "Yeah! What's up there? Want to go up that way. And up that way! See if go to same place." Next week, we will bring small groups of children upstairs to answer these questions and see what else they notice about our school. We will take photos to document what the children discover.

Friendly Reminders:

Extra Clothing

It is a delight to watch the children dive into painting and water play! We will continue to paint and explore in the sensory table, so please send in extra clothing for your child. This kind of work is messy!

February Break

School will be closed from Monday, February 20th through Friday, February 24th for February Break.

Our Outdoor Classroom Entrance is Open!

Please feel welcome to use the outdoor entrance to our classroom for drop-off and pick-up!


You could ask your child about how they played with water in the classroom. A few ways in which children played with water included spraying it with bottles, dumping it into the table, washing our tables for lunch, and mixing paint.

Outside, we played in snow, ice, and mud. You could ask your child whether they liked playing in snow, on the ice, or in the mud the most.

Please enjoy the photos below:

Painting, Spraying, and Mixing

Fun in the Water Table

Out in the Snow and Mud

Other Fun Photos!

Building Forts, Boats, and Snow Plows