Ice, Snow, and Salad!

This week, the toddlers explored spaces beyond our classroom, experimented with painting on ice, and navigated our snow-covered playground. On Tuesday, all of the children visited the preschool and kindergarten classrooms to celebrate Valentine's Day. Children worked together with preschool and kindergarten students to make a fruit salad that everyone in early childhood ate for snack.

Many of the toddlers chose to work in the Castle Room during the Valentine's Day celebration. One child stacked many wooden blocks on top of a drawbridge and laughed after he knocked them down. Another child picked up a crayon, opened a journal, and created lines and swirls on several pages. Several children stayed at the fruit salad table for a long time and sliced fruit. As they added fruit to the large serving bowls, one child insisted: "Eat! Eat!" and tried to use a serving spoon to eat the salad. After teachers explained that we would eat together in our classroom, children were eager to continue cutting fruit until snack time. During snack, children labeled familiar fruits, by saying: "Berries!" "Melon!" and other fruit names.

Outside, the snow was so tall that Graham and the toddlers needed to shovel a path so we could play! Children used big shovels and stomping feet to help make safe spaces for us to walk, run, and play. Later in the week, one child discovered tiny icicles hanging from the bottom of the climbing structure. He tried to snap them off, but said: "Can't reach!" A teacher helped him break off an icicle, which he watched melt on his mitten. The next day, he and three other children found more icicles and discovered they could break them into pieces by bending them.

In art studio, everyone painted on ice! Some children painted ice cubes, while other children painted big blocks of ice. One child said: "So cold!" when he touched his piece of ice. Another child said: "I want a big piece!" when teachers were cracking the large ice blocks. Many toddlers observed the ice melting as they added paint and the pieces of ice sat in our warm classroom. At the end of art studio, everyone worked together to clean up the mess by wiping the tables, chairs, and parts of the floor that were covered with paint.

This week, the children had many sensory experiences both indoors and outdoors. At the beginning of the week, children explored with snow, cups and bottles. Fitting the snow into the bottles was challenging, and one friend discovered that it melted soon after she put it in the bottle. On Friday, children explored with shaving cream and toy animals. The shaving cream stuck to fingers, toys, and clothing. Children enjoyed squeezing it between their fingers, filling measuring cups, and scraping it off the bottom of the table. When play time was over, all of the children worked to clean the table by wiping it with towels and helping Katie pour fresh water to rinse the bottom.

Please read the friendly reminders below:

Pick-Up at 3:00 PM

A friendly reminder that toddler pick-up is at 3:00 pm. We ask that parents arrive promptly to reunite with your child each day. The time between 3-4pm is reserved for teachers to clean up, attend team meetings and plan for the next day. In the event that you find you are running late please call to notify the school.

February Break

Breakwater School will be closed from Monday, February 20th through Friday, February 24th for February break. Enjoy your time whether it is a vacation, staycation, or a few extra hours to enjoy with your child!

Extra Clothing

Please send in extra clothes for art studio and for after playing in the snow! Extra clothes may include:






Together with preschool and kindergarten, we made and ate a fruit salad together. You could ask your child: "How did you help make the fruit salad?" "What kinds of fruits were in the salad?" "How did the fruit salad taste?"

You could ask your child what happened when they painted ice. You could ask: "Did the paint stay on the ice?" "Did mixing paint make new colors?" "What colors did you use?"

Please enjoy the photos below:

Making Fruit Salad

Exploring Preschool and Kindergarten

Art Studio: Painting on Ice

Out in the Ice and Snow

Sensory Play: Snow and Shaving Cream