Short Week. . . Lots of Adventures

Last week children asked questions about the physical space of Breakwater beyond our familiar EC classrooms.  This week we set out to answer those questions as the children suggested, by taking a walk around the building.  We were able to take one small group on Monday.  Our first stop was to discover what was behind the triangular window.  Children thought it might be the toddler room and to our delight we discovered that we can see into the toddler room through the window under the bell, but the triangular window was high above it.  One of our friends said we should go up, up, up to find out.  We climbed up the stairs and discovered it was in Moriah's office.  She invited us in and pulled up a chair so the children could look out the window to be sure it was the one they were wondering about.    

The children's next question was about what was up the double stair case, but before we answered that questions we took some time to put our hands and lovies into our pockets.  One child suggested we look into Julia's 1/2 classroom and we were invited to join their math meeting about, you guessed it, pockets.  The children were using cubes to count their pockets and they were doing an addition problem to count how many pockets were in the classroom. The children counted their pockets with cubes and added them to the mathematical equation on the white board.

We eventually climbed up the staircase and found that there was another staircase.  Then we made our way into another classroom, Krys' 3/4.  The children were drawing what they visualized when they listened to music.  We listened as well and our friends thought about the five little ducks.  They also noticed staplers, tape dispensers, pencils, paper and books.  

Our exploration continued and we found some curved two tiered seating areas.  Each child climbed upon them and sat down.  Then they jumped into the hole in the middle.  When they finished jumping we discovered the Tinkering studio.  The children noticed "real" hammers, saws, screw drivers, and some very interesting machines.  The favorite was a band-saw with a vacuum attached and a large bag to collect the saw dust.  We were lucky enough that Shaun joined us and the children were able to turn the cranks, ask questions, investigate and find some more answers, as well as new questions.  

Another highlight of our upstairs adventure was the Art Studio.  We found many art materials we have in our classroom, as well as another interesting machine.  One child said, "I think you put food in, press the buttons and it gets hot."  We'll have to head upstairs another day to talk with Allie and learn what it is used for.  I believe it is a kiln, but we'll have to wait and see how we answer that question.  The other children will take their trip next week to find out their own answers and hopefully find more to be curious about.  

On Friday, children worked with Sari to create pajama racks by drilling holes into pieces of wood and attaching knobs of different shapes. Some children also chose to add a decorative bird to their racks, while others chose only round knobs.

Please read the friendly reminders below:

Valentine's Day Celebration

On Tuesday, the early childhood classrooms will celebrate Valentine's Day by creating a fruit salad. We are asking families to donate one fruit each to our classroom so the toddler room can contribute. Teachers will help the early childhood students prepare the fruit before we enjoy it together!  There will also be a station for children to make cards if they choose, so please leave your Valentine's at home.  

February Break

Breakwater School will be closed from Monday, February 20th through Friday, February 24th for February break.


Please enjoy the photos below:  You can ask your child what they think is behind the triangle window.  You can also ask your child what type of shovel they used in the snow.  

Our Visit Upstairs

Outdoor Play

Woodworking: Building Pajama Racks