A Special Delivery

The toddlers discovered a special package in one of the cubbies on Wednesday.  Children guessed what was inside.  "Maybe it's a digger. . . .  Maybe an excavator. . . .   Maybe a gorilla. . . . "  A practical child said, "Let's open it and see."  Before we opened it one friend said, "Erica said it was balls.  Maybe when we open the box there will be balls inside."  When we opened it there was a white net bag in the box.  Inside of the bag there were many colorful things that did not resemble balls and an interesting black tool.  "What is it?"  one friend asked.  "Those are not balls."  We also found a paper with a photo of balls inside.  One child said, "Maybe we could blow them like a balloon."  Another friend said, "Maybe we could use the black tool to blow them up."  Another child commented, "They are squished balls."    

When we got outside each child felt a puff of air from the pump on their face and their hands. Then children got to work blowing up the balls with the air pump one at a time.  Each child took turns pushing the handle on the air pump four times and watched intently as the shape of the "squished ball" changed.  Children together asked, "Is it a ball yet?" and commented on how the concave areas changed and expanded. When we blew up the yellow ball the children decided that we should count to five, so children helped one another count in English and Spanish.  We blew up a purple ball, a yellow ball, a green ball, and a red ball.  It was even more fun playing with the balls when the children worked together to make them!  

During art studio this week children worked with dot paints to make a variety of colorful marks.  Children made dots, lines and circles of various colors.  They also used the paints to cover up masking tape.  Please take a moment to look at their work displayed over the cubbies with your child if you haven't already.  They were so invested in their work we had the dot paints on the art table for the remainder of the week.  We decided together to give the painting to Erica, as well as some child made cards and drawings.  Children dictated some messages for her too, which mostly were asking her to "come back soon!"    

Earlier in the week the children also dictated a letter to Katie for Josh, David and Graham ("cause he's a worker guy") asking them to make some accommodations to our new toddler outdoor entry way stairs.  Katie typed it up and emailed it to them.  Graham stopped by as music was beginning on Thursday to ask questions about the specifics of the children's request.  We are going to invite him back so the children can discuss it with him personally since the changes are their ideas.  Here is a photo of their letter:  

Friendly Reminders

Extra Clothing

Please send in extra clothes for after working with our sensory and art materials, as well as for after playing in the mud and melting snow.  Extra clothes may include:





-Indoor shoes

-Extra outdoor shoes or boots


When you look at the photos of our special delivery you can ask your child what they thought was inside of the box.  You can also talk about how they used the air pump to blow up the balls and if they had a favorite color ball that they helped to inflate.  

When you look at photos of art studio you can ask your child what kind of marks they made with the dot paints and what colors they used.  

Please enjoy the photos below:

Special Delivery!  

Art Studio - Dot Paints

Exploration with materials

Investigations of mud, snow and ice

The social world of toddlers