Maneuvering, Rocking, Constructing and Travelling

It was a short week due to our almost Spring blizzard, yet there was still plenty of time for much work and play indoors and out.  Outdoors the children worked very hard to stomp and shovel the deep snow so they could move throughout our playground space.  With all of the snow we've had over the past couple of months, maneuvering over the deep snow has become less of a physical challenge for the children and more of a silly and fun experience.  This week each child spent time rolling in the snow, climbing up the big mounds that the wind created and sliding down in a variety of ways. Falling over and landing in the snow led to giggles and trying to dig out the car was a group effort.  

Indoors children enjoyed seeing Danielle for music after not seeing her for a couple of weeks. She brought in a large blanket and we hummed a tune while teachers rocked one child at a time.  Some children climbed right in and enjoyed the sensation of being suspended in space.  Other children were a bit more wary of this new experience and preferred to put their lovey or a baby in.  At the end of our experience children each put a lovey, a baby, their blanket or all of the above into the blanket and helped rock them so gently while they learned the tune we were humming.  We're hoping to do more rocking soon!  

After being home for so many days children were eager to work and play with our materials. We added some helmets and goggles, which served as great props for all of the fixing work that occurred.  Children worked on the mushroom house, built homes and created some of their own special projects.  Raisin containers were perfect for creating tall towers, as well as knocking them down, while paper cups were perfect for drinking milk.  

On Friday children built two airplanes with hollow blocks and boxes.  It was important that the planes have wings, "why cause they could fly", as well as that everything that was needed was packed up before the planes took off for their destinations. Two large rectangular blocks became storage for books, which moved from one plane to another and there was a lot of negotiation taking place about how to make room for everyone to stay safe.  There was one captain on each of the planes, which led the trip or sang a book, whatever was needed in the moment.  One plane traveled to Florida once it was all packed up and the other was headed to Africa and Puerto Rico.  Thankfully, the children returned to the classroom to clean up and eat some snack before their adventures took them any further.  


When you look at the photos of the children's in so much snow you can ask your child what they did in the snow and how they changed the height of it.

When you talk with your child about Rocking with Danielle, you can ask how it felt to rock and to be rocked.  You can also ask if they remember the song that we hummed.  

When you look at the photos of your child working with materials you can talk with them about what they constructed and what they were pretending.  


Please be sure that your child has extra clothes (including panties), indoor shoes and a couple set of mittens.

If you have any extra plastic bags that you would like to donate to our classroom please send them in.  Thank you for those of you have already donated.  

So Much Snow!!  

Rocking with Danielle

Plane Rides to Florida, Africa and Puerto Rico

Work With Materials