Welcome Spring!

The toddlers welcomed Spring by beginning work with flowers from a giant bouquet. First, a child pulled a single flower from the basket and snapped the petals from the stem. More and more children joined her as she pulled more flowers from the basket. One child observed yellow petals falling to the floor and talked about how there were "crumbs" on the floor and the rug. He gathered more petals and dropped them near his snow blower so they could be cleaned up. A few children noticed all of the petals on the floor and quickly found brooms big and small to sweep them up. During our big clean-up time, one child sat on the floor and carefully swept petals into a dust pan before pouring them into baskets to save for later.

In the block area, one child built a truck to "carry other cars" out of many hollow blocks. He asked his friends not to move the blocks but said they could put cars on it. Three friends played with small cars on the truck, pretending it was a road and sending the cars down ramps, over ledges, and into holes! When another child wanted to build on the truck, he listened to the message about not changing his friend's work and instead gathered many hollow blocks and piled them next to his friend's creation. When a teacher asked him what he made, he said: "A bridge!" with a voice full of excitement. He began to drive cars along the blocks. Meanwhile, other child joined and added to the end of the bridge, trying to make it as tall as possible.

Outside, we enjoyed two very warm days on our playground. Many children experimented with taking their mittens off and feeling the snow. They discovered that because so much snow had melted, they could now climb through the log tunnel, find the bridge, and dig in the garden boxes to find dirt. One child built "a birdhouse" using a bucket, snow, and dirt. He noticed that he couldn't keep the dirt off the snow even when he tried to shovel it off. His friend found a small hole in the house and asked: "What's that?" The house builder shared: "It's a window so the birds can go inside and eat!" He described his plan to make holes "just like the tall birdhouse" and pointed to the bird feeder on top of the metal pole on our playground.

On Friday, Sari joined us in our classroom to build bird feeders after we told her about the toddlers' interest in building bird houses. A small group of children used drills, hammers, and screw drivers to put together many pieces of wood in the shape of a bird feeder. When using the drills, children practiced using two hands to push the button. When using hammers, some children practiced using a nail driver and a hammer together to push the nails as far into the wood as possible. Children noticed the sound of the hammers as they worked. First, they laughed while hammering by themselves. When teachers helped hammer the more stubborn nails, children stepped back and covered their ears while still laughing at the exciting sounds. We saved the materials to create bird feeders so children will have the option to continue working on them next week.

Friendly Reminders:

Baby Photos

Many friends have been showing interest in when they were babies, expressing ideas such as: "I used to be a tiny baby!" We would love to share baby photos of the toddlers in the same way we are sharing current photos of friends in the classroom. Please send in baby photos of your child if you can so we can explore this interest! You could email us or bring in printed photos.

Exploration Walks Next Week

To prepare for resuming our woods walks in the Fore River Sanctuary, we will be taking small groups of toddlers on walk around campus. We hope to have these walks on Wednesday and Friday. If you are interested in joining us, please email us and we would be happy to have you on these special walks!

Extra Clothing

Please continue to send in extra clothing so we can keep engaging in messy play! We observed that the snow often gets into children's boots and they need new socks by the end of the day. Please consider bringing the following clothing items:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pants
  • Long-sleeved shirts


Everyone explored how the weather changed our playground this week. You could ask your child: "What was the ground like on the playground?" "What happened to the snow?"

Children have expressed curiosity about birds and bird houses this week. You could ask your child what they noticed about birds on our playground, what they think birds eat, and where they think birds might live.

Many children also examined flowers. You could ask about how the petals ands stems felt, what they used the petals for, and what happened when they pulled flowers out of the basket.

Please enjoy the photos below:

Exploring the Flower Basket

Building Bird Feeders

Playing On Our Changing Playground

Exploring with Materials