Exploring Beyond The Toddler Room

This week the Toddlers have been working and playing outside of the toddler classroom.  On Monday children asked to join the preschoolers engaging in their Art Studio in the hallway. Friends painted pine cones and then asked to see what was happening in the Castle and Forest Rooms.  During their visits in Preschool on Monday and Wednesday the children worked with tongs in the sensory table, used droppers filled with colorful water to explore color mixing, made some delicious food in the pretend kitchen and explored locomotion in the block area. Other children worked with play dough to make balls and investigate how they move.  

Friends also took nature walks around campus. Last week, children talked about birds and their homes. During the first walk, children looked for nests and birds in trees, on buildings, and tucked into corners of the preschool playground. While visiting the preschool garden, friends heard and looked at several birds flying near the Jessie building. One child said: "Fly!" as a bird flew from the ground to the roof. After searching for nests, children noticed enormous puddles on the preschool playground and jumped in with their big winter boots. Children talked about being "so wet!" and how they were jumping in "deep puddles!" On the second walk, children noticed birds in the air. One child pointed up at the sky and announced: "That one fluttered across!" The group walked to the preschool playground and garden and watched birds fly up and down from the climbing structure, the bird house, and the corner of the preschool garden. On the way back, children noticed birds under the brown storage shed and crouched down on the blacktop to watch them.

We finally were able to continue finding answers to the questions children posed about Breakwater beyond EC.  On Thursday a small group of children set out to answer the question, "What does the triangle window look into?"  As we were standing below it, the children were delighted to look into the window behind the bell and the boat and discover that they could see Erica and their friends.  One child said, "Erica!  Erica!  I'm up here.  Do you see me?''  Then we talked about where the triangle window might be and what might be on the other side.  One child said, "Up, up, up."  Another child said, "I think there may be monsters behind that window."  

When we headed upstairs we discovered that it was not actually monsters behind the window, but Moriah's office.  The children climbed up to be sure that was the window we see from below and confirmed that it indeed was.  When we returned to the classroom the children shared their discoveries.  Then when we were getting ready to go outdoors one child said, "When we go out we will see the triangle!"  Another friend said, "And Moriah's office.  And her plant.  I saw it inside and outside."  

On Friday our small group was very excited to see their friends through our classroom window as well.  They joined the 1/2 during their math time and were very excited to enter an older siblings classroom.  They joined a movement pattern game and were watching closely as the older children clapped and tapped.  As their walk continued they headed up the stairs and discovered Maggie's office.  They were drawn to the window and talked about "cars".  Then one child noticed the Jessie building and said, "Where we have morning meeting"  and another child said, "Mommy's office".  We continued up the stairs and enjoyed visiting the art studio and tinkering space.  Again children noticed that there were similar art materials, as well as showed curiosity about the kiln.  We finished our "walk" with a visit to Kindergarten, also know as "Jackson's office."  All of the toddlers were reunited as they explored the sand table in the hallway by Kindergarten.  

Friendly Reminders

April Break - Breakwater will be closed for April break from April 17th through April 21st.

Extra Clothes - Please check your child's extra clothes basket so they will have dry clothes to change into after messy explorations, as well as outdoor play.  Be sure to pay special attention to socks, pants, underwear and shirts. 


As you look at the photos you can talk with your child about what type of materials they explored in the Castle and Forest Rooms.  You can ask what they discovered and saw when they went upstairs on their walks.  You can also talk with your child about the birds they saw and how they moved.  

Visits to The Castle and Forest Rooms

Nature Walks

Exploring Breakwater's Space Beyond EC

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