Spring Thaw!! Amazing Discoveries!!

The toddlers welcomed the warm Spring weather by spending much more time outdoors.  The children were excited to exit out the toddler room door and wearing much less clothing.  On Wednesday the children were lucky enough to watch a bald eagle sitting in a tree by the field.  They watched it fly away and then became birds themselves, flapping their wings and landing in their nests.  The children stopped one another to listen closely to the sounds the birds were making and continued their flight.  It was an amazing experience to watch the eagle soar and then return to the playground where it flew over us again.  As children were gathering materials to make a nest a child spotted sea gulls too.  She said, "Sea gull and eagle.  That rhymes."  Another friend chimed in with a belly laugh, "That's so funny!"  

Another amazing discovery was the pumpkin that we watched decompose in the fall, only to be covered with snow.  The children talked about how it changed, "It's flat.  It's squishy."  Then they discovered seeds.  Upon a teacher inquiry of what we could do with the seeds, a child said, "Plant them.  Why?  Cause we can grow pumpkins!"  That seems like a superb idea.  

Children have also been diving into the earth, literally.  They have been digging, burying objects and moving the muddy and dry soil about the playground.  The other day a child poured over a bucket of water and watched as it created a river.  Teachers turned on the hose and friends busily filled buckets and watering cans and made mud of various textures.  It feels so good to get your hands in the earth after a long winter of it being buried beneath the snow and ice.

Friendly Reminders

April Break

Breakwater will be closed for April Break from Monday, April 17th through Friday, April 21st.  Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to seeing how each child has grown while you are away.  

Outdoor Pick-Up

Now that the weather is warmer we will be heading outdoors after rest.  Please plan on picking up your child outdoors on the toddler playground.  We share the space with After Care, so please remember to arrive promptly at 3:00pm and quickly make your way to the blacktop, the big kid playscape or the field if you would like to enjoy the warm weather.  

Broadturn Farm Field Trip

Just a reminder that our field trip to Broadturn Farm will be on Thursday, April 27th.  We hope you received our email with all of the important details.  Please let us know if you have any questions.    


When you look at these photos you can ask your child, "What kind of bird did you see in the tree?  Where did the bird go when it flew away?"  You can also ask, "What kind of work have you been doing with the mud and the sand?"  And, "What have you discovered since the snow melted?"

Discovering a Bald Eagle

Unearthing a Pumpkin

Getting Messy With Mud, Sand and Water

More Fun Photos