Enjoying the April Showers

The children continued to explore the Breakwater campus this week. On Monday, one group of friends explored the tree and picnic table near the field. They were soon joined by students from 1/2 who pointed out an important sign of birds: "Bird poop!" Meanwhile, a second group took a walk upstairs to find out where the triangle window was located. While on the hunt for the window, this small group also visited the art and tinkering studios where they discovered markers, crayons, pencils, charcoal drawings, the kiln, goggles and tools.  They would like to learn what the buttons on the kiln are for and why you touch them.  They also visited the library as we were heading back to the classroom where they found "chairs, shelves, books and spoons".  Then they read a couple of picture books, which was an experience they would like to repeat.  

Another group of children visited preschool on Wednesday and enthusiastically explored within both classrooms.  One child joined preschoolers as they played bird bingo and another child explored puppets with Yazi.  Each child spent time at the sand table in both rooms pouring and filing, as well as discovering "teeny, tiny animals" in the sand table.  There were some magical moments with their big siblings, sprinkled throughout our visit.  Another highlight was for a couple of children who joined a parent who was visiting and pretended to go fishing in the hallway!  We're excited to see where our explorations will bring us next week.  

Out on the playground, children used the mud created by melting snow and rain to make meals for each other. First, a pair of children scooped water and mud out of buckets and into bowls, talking about how they were making "hot chocolate and soup!" As they worked, one child let passing children and teachers know: "It's coming right up!" The mud kitchen grew busier and busier until the group decided to have a birthday party. After putting the "cake" in the "oven" and letting others know "it has to cool off," everyone on the playground gathered to listen to a combination of "Happy Birthday" and "Simple Gifts" as they pretended to eat cake together.

The children have been asking to make smoothies like they have seen Maeve finishing up when they arrive to school.  When asked what ingredients to include, the children decided on bananas, strawberries, yogurt, and milk.  The children excitedly joined our visiting teacher by peeling bananas, breaking them in half and giving a piece to a classmate so everyone could add one to the blender.  They talked about the cold strawberries and one child chose to suck on one.  Teachers chose to buy vanilla bean yogurt, which was a great choice.  It was so delicious children were gobbling up the yogurt before and while adding it to the smoothies.  The smoothies were a delicious treat, which will become a classroom favorite.  Here is the recipe if you would like to make it at home!  


Children were busy cooking with mud this week. You could ask your child what kind of food they made on the playground.

Groups of children also visited different parts of our campus, both inside and outside. You could ask your child where they visited this week. Some places they might mention include the field, Moriah's office, the preschool classrooms, the library, or the tinkering and art studios.

Please read the friendly reminders below:

Broadturn Farm Field Trip

We are planning on visiting Broadturn Farm in Scarborough on Thursday, April 27th. In order to go on this exciting trip to learn about farm animals and farm jobs, we need to gather enough chaperones. Please email Erica or Katie with your chaperone plans by Thursday, April 13th. You can also let us know your plans in person.  Thank you to those who have already responded!

April Break

Breakwater will be closed for April Break from Monday, April 17th through Friday, April 21st.

Extra Clothing Donations

In addition to bringing extra clothing for your child, please consider donating clothing your child may have outgrown to our classroom! Our extra clothing bin is in particular need of socks and pants.

Exploring Our Campus

Cooking and Splashing on our Playground

Exploring Materials

Delicious Smoothies!!