Toddlers at Work

Children arrived at school on Monday ready to build! At the picnic table, a group of toddlers used hammers, nail drivers, and nails to finish the sides and bottoms of our bird feeders. By looking carefully at the shape and size of materials already in the wood, children were able to identify screws and nails and think about which tools they might use to help them go deeper into the bird feeder. One child said: "Need a screwdriver!" when she found a screw on the top of the bird feeder.

During imaginary play, children continued to build using tiles and long pieces of plastic. Some of the tiles were shaped like "eggs", others were "so heavy", and still others were "shiny." Two children used the tiles to surround a toy construction vehicle and described their creation as "a garage." Many children carefully stacked the smaller tiles and egg-shaped tiles to make "towers." Ideas about building turned into ideas about fixing on Wednesday when children decided the toy car was broken. Two children began to work on the car by flipping it onto its side and spinning the wheels. They piled sand on the car and said: "So dirty! Have to clean it!" As more children joined, one child dug her finger into a hole under the pretend gas cap and announced: "We gotta get gas." Everyone hunted for "gas" on the playground and got it inside the car in different ways. Some used shovels, some used their hands, and one child fit a long piece of plastic into the hole and said: "Now the gas will slide down it into the car!"

Using epsom salt, lavender, a jar, a ribbon, a tag, and a hammer, children created something special at our picnic table. You could ask your child what they did to the epsom salt, what they smelled as they were working, and how they got the epsom salt from a large bowl into many small jars.

Friendly Reminders:

Kettle Cove Field Trip

Early childhood is preparing for our annual trip to Kettle Cove! The field trip will take place on Tuesday, May 30th with a rain date of Wednesday, May 31st. Keep an eye out for an email with more information about this special trip!

Spring Concert

Our Spring concert is on May 18th from 6:00-8:00 PM! Come join us and hear the songs we've been learning with Danielle this Spring!

Extra Clothing

The weather is warmer and we're spending as much time outdoors as we can! Please send in extra clothing for your child's cubby so they can change out of wet and dirty clothing. Extra clothing may include:




-Long and short-sleeved shirts


You could ask your child what they have been building and fixing this week. Children used many different kinds of materials to build. You could also ask your child what they used to build on the playground. Examples of materials include: tiles, sticks, plastic pieces, baskets, dirt, and sand, among others!

Please enjoy the photos below!

Working on the Car

Building and Using Tools

What Could We Be Making?

Outdoor and Indoor Discoveries