Exploring with water! Painting! Working together!

Children have been asking us to turn on the hose and create a river.  Another child wanted to use the boats he saw in the classroom.  On Wednesday with the beautiful, warm weather the children were excited to use the hose in a variety of ways.  Some children were interested in filling up containers with the hose.  They filled up their own and worked together to fill up watering cans for some of our older friends and one another. 

Other children preferred to put the hose through pipes and tubes so the water would flow through to create a river.  One child said, "I want the water to go all the way here and make a big, big pond."  While the water was moving through the pathway created in the mud, a child worked with boats to float them down the child-made river, as well as to explore the concepts of sinking and floating.  Others enjoyed splashing in the water and washing trucks and cars.  The water was also used to clean up paint containers, as well as used as "paint" on various surfaces. What a marvelous thing to explore with so many possibilities and many opportunities to collaborate with one another!    

Children worked together this week to paint small picket fences for Breakwater's campus. They used primary colors and white to create beautiful and colorful fences to protect the gardens around campus.  While working together children painted different pieces on the same fence and shared paint with one another.  Some comments heard while painting, "You can paint with me.  I'm painting this part yellow.  Do you want to make that part blue?''  Another child said, "I want some red."  A friend responded, "Here is red.  Put your brush in here with mine.  There is a white space here where you can put some paint."  One child painted with yellow and blue.  He said, "Look I used yellow and blue.  I made green."  A friend overheard and said, "I need some yellow so I can make green too."  Another friend said, "I have yellow.  Let's keep it in the middle so we both can reach."  Wow!!  

On Friday, children visited the kindergarten classroom to meet the first baby chick to hatch in the incubator! Sari shared pictures of what the chick will look like when its grown up with the children, and everyone had a chance to peek over the bin and watch the chick walk around. Later that day, while eating snack, children imitated the chick's cheeps by saying: "Tweet, tweet, tweet," in soft voices as they sat at the picnic table.

Friendly Reminders

Warm Weather

Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is getting stronger please remember to apply sunscreen every morning, as well as send in water shoes, water bottles, sun hats and extra snacks to fuel your child through our outdoor day!

Kettle Cove Trip

Just a reminder that our Kettle Cove Field Trip will be on Tuesday, May 30th with a rain date of Wednesday, May 31st.  Please make sure your calendars are marked and you have been thinking about who can chaperone your child.  It will be here before we know it!  Keep an eye out for an email with more information about this special trip!   

No School Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th


As you look at the photos below you can ask your child what type of work they did with the water, what tools did they use and who they played with.   You can also ask what they painted, what color(s) they used and who they worked with.  

Exploring With Water!

Meeting a Baby Chick


Other Fun Photos