Signs of Spring!


Outdoor drop off has led to many interesting experiences this week.  Children found a large nest filled with sparkly eggs that the Kindergarten children created for us, engaged in bird watching, painted outdoors with feathers and watched as the feathers flew, floated and fluttered in the wind.  The toddlers enjoyed walking around campus looking at the new flowers that were planted on Sunday during the campus clean-up.  As children explored the grounds they noticed hydrangeas, forsythias, pansies and a variety of other blooms.  Comments heard as the children were talking with one another were, "This one is yellow.  That is my favorite.  I like this orange flower.  I see raindrops on this one.  This smells so good."  

As we were walking we also visited the preschool playground.  We noticed the fence that the preschoolers have built around the butterfly garden and looked at their garden beds.  We found some leaves from strawberry plants, as well as some other types of greens that children were interested in identifying.  We talked about asking Sari what type of plants they are.  We also talked about visiting the preschool playground later in the week.    

On Wednesday and Friday children joined preschool in small groups to work in the gardens and play on the playground. Friends quickly discovered that one of the garden beds was full of worms by using shovels to dig deep into the ground. We talked about how some worms were "fat" while others were "long and skinny." One child found what looked like a worm, but turned out to be a centipede! On the climbing structure, one child followed a peer up the rope ladder, to the steering wheel, and down the blue slide.  When toddler friends climbed up to the steering wheel on Friday, preschool friends introduced language such as: "I'm the captain of this ship!" and turned the entire climbing structure into a boat. The toddlers also enjoyed watching birds perch in the corners of the roof of the Jessie building and ran to follow them as they visited the trees on the preschool playground.

Friendly Reminders

Drop off will be outdoors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as long as the weather permits.  Please drop your child off with a lunchbox, water bottle, clothing appropriate for the weather and an extra layer because the mornings can be chilly.  

Please apply sunscreen before coming to school and we will reapply before we go out again in the afternoon.  Check our sunscreen basket on the shelf over the changing table to make sure your sunscreen is not expired.  

Remember!  You're invited to Breakwater's 60th Birthday Bash: Songwriters in the Round Benefit Concert and Silent Auction on Saturday, May 13th @ 6PM.  Our very own toddler parent Joe Boucher will be performing, as well as many other talented individuals!  We look forward to seeing you there!  

Mark your calendars for our Spring Concert on Thursday, May 18th.  Keep an eye out for more details!!  


When you look at the photos with your children you can ask, " What did you see on your walk around campus?  What did you see that surprised you this week?  What types of vehicles did you see outside of the fence? What type of creatures did you find on the toddler and preschool playgrounds?  How did they feel?"  

Noticing Flowers and Plants Around Campus

Outdoor Exploration

Preschool Visits

Feathers and Watercolors

Buses, Play dough and Potting Soil too!!

Fore River Walk With Kindergarten