A Walk in the Woods, A Painting Project, and Baby Chicks

We went on an adventure to the Fore River Sanctuary on Wednesday where children noticed many different creatures, plants, and parts of the trail. Early in our walk, a child stopped to peer at a large, brown slug resting in the dirt. Other children stopped to look, asking questions such as: "What it doing?" "Can we pick it up?" and noticing "It's so slimy and slippery." On our way to our picnic spot, many toddlers picked dandelions on the path and gave them to moms, teachers, and friends. Once inside the trees, we stopped to eat a snack before walking down a steep hill where we found a spot to throw sticks, pebbles, and pieces of grass into the nearby river. Two children noticed that nearby branches kept blocking their sticks from going in. Others listened for the sound of pebbles falling into the water and laughed when they heard the "plop!"  Others were interested in the fact that "some went down to the bottom and stayed and others come back up."  

After our big walk, everyone stayed busy painting fence posts for the garden. Using paint brushes, craft sticks, and their fingers, children transformed the white fences into colorful masterpieces. When they were finished covering the fences in paint, children discovered different canvases. One child slapped his hands on the bench and laughed when red and blue handprints were left behind. Other children loved the sensation of paint on their skin and decided to paint their hands and arms. A group of children even worked together to paint the car on our playground! As children engaged in this painting work, they asked for specific colors through phrases such as: "I need red," "I need blue, red, white, and yellow all mixed together," and "I need a stick for my blue."

Later on this week, we visited the Castle Room to meet the baby chicks! We tip-toed inside the classroom and children watched the chicks move inside the incubator.  One child exclaimed in delight, "They finally hatched from inside the egg!"  Another child noticed that their feathers looked "a little wet".  One child said, "My favorite is the tiny one.  Look at the little beak and the little eyes."  Children looked carefully at the small cracks on another egg and noticed it shaking.  They also listened carefully to the gentle "Peep, peep, peep" sound that the chicks made that they imitated later in the day.  It is such an exciting thing to see baby chicks so soon after they come out of their shell!!    

Friendly Reminders:

Kettle Cove Field Trip

Our annual field trip to Kettle Cove will take place on Tuesday, May 30th. We can't wait to explore this exciting spot with you! When packing for the trip, you may want to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Extra clothing
  • Bug spray
  • Toys for water play
  • A summer hat
  • A picnic blanket
  • Snacks, water, and a lunch easy to eat at the beach

Extra Clothing

With warmer weather comes more opportunities for water play! Please continue to check your child's basket and add extra clothing as needed, labelled with your child's name. Please also continue to send water-appropriate shoes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when we begin our day outside.


The walk to the Fore River Sanctuary was filled with discoveries. You could ask your child: "What animals did you see on your walk?" "What was growing in the forest?" "How did you get to the picnic spot? The river?"

Learning about animals, especially when they are born at school, is an incredible experience. You could ask your child: "What did the chicks do?" "What sounds did they make?" "What did they look like?" "Where were they living?"

Please enjoy the fun photos below!

Fore River Sanctuary Adventures

Painting Fences, Cars, and Everything Else!

Hatching Chicks

Visiting Preschool

Exploring Inside and Outside