Investigations and Fun at Kettle Cove!

Thank you for making our trip to Kettle Cove such a wonderful experience.  The toddlers enjoyed observing creatures that were found in the tide pools, on the rocks and in one another's shovels and buckets.  One of the children found a tiny snail and said, "We better move it out of the way so it doesn't get stepped on while she waits for her Mommy."  Another child collected snails in her bucket and said, "Wow!  I have so many.  Do you want to see?"  Children compared the size of crabs and looked to see if they could find more.  

Children also loved to explore with the current in the river.  Friends were placing boats and containers in the water and watched as they moved along.  When they stopped they asked, "Will it move again?" and were delighted when they continued their journey toward the ocean.  A toddler asked, "How far will it go?''  A preschooler answered, "To the ocean.  All the way over there."  When the boat stopped before the ocean a child said, "It stopped before it got to the ocean.  Now it won't sail away!"  

On Wednesday, children remembered how they "ran", "splashed", "stomped on the bridge" and "took a walk in the woods".  They recalled finding snails, crabs and seeing a lobster in a bucket.  One friend said, "I went to the ocean.  I got so wet!  It was fun.  I want to go back another day."  

Friendly Reminders

Conference Sign Up

Please sign up for your child's end of the year conference if you have not already done so. We'd love to celebrate your child's growth and development with you!  

Last Day of School - June 14th

It's amazing that our last day of school is a week and a half away!  We wanted to remind you that it is a half day, pick up will be an noon and there is NO aftercare.  Keep an eye out for an email about our last day of school celebration.  We hope you can join us at the Breakwater Farewell Picnic Lunch at noon on Wednesday, June 14th.  Please fill out the form, which was sent home today, to place a lunch order for your child and family by Thursday, June 8th.

Bags for Wet and Soiled Clothing Please!

We are in need of bags to send home wet and soiled clothing.  Please send in your extra plastic bags on Monday or a labelled reusable bag each day till the end of school, whichever you prefer!  Thanks!

Clothing Reminders

Please send in extra clothing for your child's basket.  Each child is in need of shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear (if needed), water shoes/rain boots, extra shoes, rain gear and an extra sweatshirt.  If the weather is warm and sunny you can dress your child in their bathing suit and water shoes for outdoor water and sensory play.   


You can show your child photos from our Kettle Cove trip and ask, "What did you find?  What did you do in the water?  What kind of sand toys did you use?"  

Kettle Cove

More Fun Photos from Our Week's Investigations