Making Smoothies, Music, and Clay Creations

The toddlers were busy creating everything from music to "fires" this week! On Monday, children used a blender to make smoothies from bananas, strawberries, yogurt, and milk. Many children had smoothie mustaches after tasting their creation!

On Wednesday, Joe joined us in the morning with his guitar! Children were fascinated by the guitar case, which was covered with stickers. They noticed that the outside of the guitar case and the inside of the guitar case felt different and asked Joe about all of the tools inside. We saw a guitar tuner, guitar picks, and a capo! Joe opened our music session with two of the children's favorite songs: "Country Roads" and "The Garden Song." Some children sang along while others patted their knees and legs to the music. During a folk song about a cat, many children meowed as they listened to the story of a cat scratching on the inside and outside of a door. Katie shared that the song reminded her of her own cat, which began a conversation about whether children had cats or dogs at home. After enjoying the music together for several minutes, everyone was ready to make their own! The toddlers joined in by tapping and banging on drums. When the group noticed that some of the drums had straps while others didn't, teachers used pieces of thick yarn to make new straps and everyone tried carrying their drums as they played.

Later in the day, Allie visited our playground to share a new materials with us: clay! She talked about how clay comes from inside of the earth and demonstrated how to cut the clay into pieces with a string. A few toddlers took turns cutting their own chunks of clay with the string. Children enjoyed smelling the clay and talked about how it smelled "like dirt" and "so yummy."

Each child manipulated the clay in their own way. One child flattened the clay on the table and punched it, noticing the imprint of his knuckles. Another child rolled the clay in the dirt and was intrigued by how the sand and dirt clung to it. A few children rolled the clay in their hands and on the canvas to make "worms," and Allie talked about how those shapes in art are called "coils." Teachers noticed the different textures children created. Allie used the word "texture" several times and talked about how "texture is a great art word!" Some talked about making food with their clay, including pancakes, birthday cakes, and chicken! After everyone in the group had a chance to explore, some children moved the clay to the ground and began a game where the clay was "chicken" and needed to be pushed off the slide. There was a great deal of laughter and surprise as the clay got knocked down off the slide by one child's, then two children's, then even five children's feet! Eventually the clay, old stumps, sticks, and rocks blended together to create a fire that the toddlers cared for until the end of the day. In the midst of their play, children made sure everyone was safe by giving warnings such as: "Stay away from the fire! Don't get burned!" and "Not too close!" The next day, children built the river and noticed that when the clay got wet, it became soft again.

Friendly Reminders:

Last Day of School

Our last day of school will be Wednesday, June 14th. The last day of school will be a half day with NO AFTERCARE.

Shopping Bags for Work, Clothes, and Everything Else

Please bring a bag to carry your child's artwork, extra clothing, and anything else that may still be in their cubby.

School Picnic

Please join us for a school-wide picnic at noon on Wednesday, June 14th at 12:00 AM to celebrate the end of the school year!

Toddler End of Year Celebration

We invite families to join us at 11:30 on Wednesday, just before the picnic, to celebrate a wonderful, fun-filled year! We will enjoy a snack together on our playground.


The toddlers transformed the clay into many different things with Allie. You could ask your child what they made with the clay, how it felt, what happened when it combined with the dirt, and what kinds of marks they made with their hands, sticks, and spoons.

During Joe's visit, he talked about how some of his songs were fast and upbeat while others were slow. You could ask your child how they moved to the music when it was fast and how they moved when it was slow. You could also ask what kind of music your child made with their drum.

Music with Joe

Clay with Allie

Making (and Drinking) Smoothies

More Fun Photos