A very special place, designed specifically and carefully
for Breakwater's youngest students…
and for the families who love them.

At Breakwater we believe young children are capable and intelligent.

Resilient, curious, and unique.

From early in life children are investigators and researchers of everything they see, touch, taste, feel and hear.  

Our toddler program is built from this understanding. We provide play, nature and curiosity-based hands-on learning experiences everyday. Teachers facilitate exploration and discovery as children build the foundations of all learning in a joyful, loving environment where each child's curiosity is respected, creativity valued, and collaborations supported.

We are so excited to offer a second toddler classroom starting in the 2017-2018 school year and welcome even more of our youngest friends. Schedule a tour today


Breakwater’s toddler program introduces students to our developmentally responsive independent school environment. Inspired by the best practices of Reggio Emilia and Montessori education, and grounded in intentional, integrated and research based teaching, we guide young children through play based, emergent curriculum rooted in a celebration of the natural world.

This is the "Breakwater Way" for our youngest students.


We enroll children 18 to 36 months, in a maximum class size of 9, and a teacher/student ratio of no greater than 1:5. Scheduling options include 5 half days from 8am-12pm or 3 to 5 full days from 8am to 3pm with Aftercare options until 5:30pm. Toddlers in our program are provided an environment expertly designed for their developmental needs while initiating them to Breakwater’s unique toddler through middle school learning continuum.


Breakwater is an intentional, inclusive community made up of dynamic educators and families that together engage students to lead wholehearted lives. It may be an overused adage - yet it does take a village. Many at Breakwater describe our school community as an extension of home. We are honored by this acknowledgment, and committed to building strong, effective partnerships between teachers, parents and the children we serve.

Want to experience a little taste of Breakwater? Join us for Breakwater's Community Programming events - providing opportunities for parents and small children to play, learn and grow together. Including Family Yoga and Movement, Thursdays in the Forest, guided playgroups, and more. Inclusive of the greater community - all are welcome!