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The Nason’s Corner Greening Project is a collaborative environmental education and community development endeavor to transform the school’s playground and the adjacent Nason’s Corner Park into a natural, multipurpose play and learning area that will benefit not only Breakwater School and Enrichment Center, but the entire Portland community. The partnership includes Breakwater School, the City of Portland, the Nason’s Corner Neighborhood Association, and the Portland Trails School Ground Greening Coalition.

Through the generous support of patrons and partners like you, we have completed Phase 1 of the project, which includes an extended natural playground with structures built into and out of the earth including running hills, slides, climbing walls and tunnels. We have planted trees, shrubs and natural flowers. We have completed Phase 2, an Early Childhood exploration area with nature-based zones for our youngest friends and further enhance aspects of Breakwater’s outdoor campus. Please donate today to support Phase 3.

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To support the continued building of our outdoor playscape:

  • DONATE TO SUPPORT THE UPKEEP AND MAINTENANCE OF PHASE 1 AND 2 PROJECTS. Upkeep includes nurturing the growth of perennial shrubs and trees, and purchasing and planting annual flowers. Maintenance supports the long life and safety of the playground equipment.
  • DONATE TO ADD INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS TO EXISTING PLAYSCAPES, including new equipment and discovery materials.
  • DONATE TO PUT UPGRADED TOUCHES ON THE SURROUNDING CAMPUS. This includes areas not strictly within the bounds of our playscapes, including sidewalk and fence borders and building facades. 
  • DONATE TO PHASE 3. As we plan the further development and expansion of the Nason's Corner Park project help us plan big by supporting us now.
  • PURCHASE A COMMEMORATIVE BRICK. Create a lasting memory at Nason’s Corner Park and help us finish the playground by purchasing a commemorative brick to pave the pathways. 

For all of these opportunities, your one time or recurring gift:

  • FACILITATES OUTSIDE PLAY. Children need access to nature the same way they need good nutrition and adequate sleep. It is fundamental to their growth and wellbeing. Research demonstrates that daily outdoor experiences are critically important for developing mental and physical health, resilience, independence, courage, and an understanding of the interrelatedness of humans with the world around them. 
  • DEVELOPS AN EXCEPTIONAL NATURAL COMMUNITY RESOURCE. Central to Breakwater’s Mission is to foster in children the idea of what it means to be a productive contributor to the world at large. This project includes development of both outdoor space owned by Breakwater (the black top), as well as Nason’s Corner Park, which is a public park owned by the City of Portland. The spaces are utilized by Breakwater during school hours and available to the entire community outside at all other times, contributing to a vital community connection to Portland.
  • FOSTERS STEWARDSHIP. Research has demonstrated that children’s positive encounters with nature can lead to the development of an environmental ethic. The extent to which a child understands the connectiveness of all living things has been shown to be strongly correlated with positive environmental attitudes. The playground experiences of Breakwater students have not only the potential to increase their environmental stewardship, but also boost their confidence as champions and caretakers of the natural world.  
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