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The Breakwater Fund is a yearly appeal to our community for unrestricted financial donations that support every facet of Breakwater’s daily operative.

Each year parents and grandparents, faculty and staff, friends and alumni, contribute to the Breakwater Fund because each has a stake in our organization’s success. Breakwater’s financial strength is dependent upon the participation of all members of its constituency. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join in supporting the organization, and participation is a key indicator to foundation and corporate donors that we have consistent support from the families we serve, both past and present.

Thank you in advance for your indispensable support!

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Unrestricted gifts provide a crucial bridge between other revenue and the actual cost of operation, offering relief to the budget and directly affecting students, faculty and numerous programs across Breakwater. Most importantly, unrestricted gifts, regardless of the size, allow the administration to respond to Breakwater’s most pressing financial concerns and provide the flexibility to seize unique and important opportunities.

Contributions to the Breakwater Fund help to provide:

  • a progressive pedagogical model rooted in real-world problem solving and field study;

  • challenging outdoor and overnight adventure experiences;

  • need based financial aid which in turn supports socioeconomic diversity;

  • exceptional experiences in academics, music, art, and tinkering that help children develop essential “21st Century” skills;

  • a unique, vertically integrated toddler through middle school learning continuum;

  • facilities that grow and evolve with our learning and teaching needs;

  • and of course, the best, most committed teachers in the world!

More about the Breakwater Fund and your impact:

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