About the BPC

Breakwater is an intentional, inclusive community made up of dynamic educators and families that together engage students to thrive academically, contribute to society, and lead wholehearted lives. It may be an overused adage - yet it does, in fact, take a village. Many at Breakwater describe our school community as an extension of home. We are honored by this acknowledgment, and committed to building strong, effective partnerships between teachers, parents and the children we serve. We do this in many ways. One of which is the facilitation of the Breakwater Parent Connection (BPC).

The BPC is a volunteer parent group dedicated to enriching the school community by providing support to the faculty and staff, and by coordinating efforts that help to strengthen the bonds between the school and our community. We encourage all currently enrolled Breakwater parents to join the BPC. Involved parents play active roles in a variety of capacities that best suit their skills, schedules and interests. Commitment levels range from helping out with a particular event to volunteering on a regular basis.

Breakwater Parent Coffees | 8:30am | Stay, sip, chat and connect with other parents!

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  • October 3rd (hosted by gr. 1/2)

  • December 5th (hosted by gr. 3/4)

  • January 9th (hosted by gr. 5/6)

  • February 6th (hosted by gr. 7/8)

  • March 6th (hosted by gr. 1/2)

  • April 3rd (hosted by gr. 3/4)

  • May 1st (hosted by gr. 5/6)

BPC Meetings | 6:00 PM | The Jessie | All current parents welcome!

  • April 4th**

  • May 2nd**

  • September 6th

  • October 4th

  • November 1st**

  • December 6th

  • **Meeting will be held at 8:30am in the lower level of the Dan

  • January 10th **

  • February 7th

  • March 7th**

Want to get involved?

For Currently Enrolled Families*

* For family privacy, the class lists, meeting notes, and the Directory are password protected. Currently enrolled families please review relevant email or contact the main office.