WELCOME to this webpage

To our dear and valued community,
Our unwavering focus at Breakwater has always been to develop an exceptional place for learning. Since sharing exciting information with parents (and a few grandparents!) about current initiatives at Breakwater during our Fireside Chat on January 25, we’ve continued to shape the work for 2017.

Guided by Breakwater’s core values, pedagogical model, where we are headed strategically, and the feedback we’ve received, we’re poised to upgrade our campus’ physical space in far more dynamic terms. Specifics will continue to be refined over the course of the next several months, and we’re excited to welcome your involvement. 

If you’re just joining this process, our initial blog posts on this webpage will get you oriented to the project. As construction gets going (with small steps in the next months and a majority this summer), we will use blogs to document the progress on our newly updated, optimally functioning, and truly exceptional place for learning. 

Questions? We’re grateful that this project has sparked such excitement and invite you to join us for our next Fireside Chat with Breakwater Leadership on March 15 after school at 3:30pm. (K-8 Childcare available.) Or email us with questions through our Contact Us page.