Capstone Projects 2017


The Capstone Project is a year long process in which Breakwater's 8th grade students pursue independent research on a topic of their choice, produce a substantial paper that reflects a deep understanding of the subject, conduct a visual and oral presentation before an audience, and, with the guidance of faculty and community mentors, complete a product inspired by their topic and a gift to the school from which they will soon graduate. 


Researcher: Blake
Topic: Biofuels
Thesis: Biofuels will benefit environmental sustainability as well as the economy.
Event: Cooking oil collection May 15-19 at 8am and 3:10pm. Donut Party May 19. Breakwater blacktop.

"At school drop off and pick up times from May 15 through 19 we'll have a little booth set up where we will be collecting cooking oil, bacon grease, etc. And then on Friday we will do the same thing but also sell donuts that will be made on site to collect the oil. We will also have coffee. The reason we are collecting oil is to give it to Maine Standard Biofuels and they give us money. We are doing this is to collect money to change over the Breakwater boilers to biofuels. The goals of my Capstone are to make the school's environmental impact much smaller than before. My Capstone project is to change over the Breakwater boiler to biofuels and prove that biofuels are superior. Information on Maine Standard Biofuels will also be available at the booth."

Researcher: Rayne
Topic: Fandom
Thesis: Being a fan inspires creativity and is great for one’s mental health, helping with problems such as depression.
Event: Breakwater “Fan Dance” May 6. For ages twelve and up. Jessie Auditorium.

"There will be music, dancing, snacks and drinks, and a short runway type event where people can show off their cosplays. I'm doing this event to help promote the celebration of being a fan and also as a way for people to meet others with similar interests. The best ways to get all the benefits of fandom is through events like the one I have planned because the fans will be able to see the community they're a part of. The cosplay runway will boost confidence while the participants are in their cosplay. I will also invite  people to do interviews that I can use in my Capstone project film."

Researcher: Liz
Topic: Spontaneous Art
Thesis: Spontaneous Art improves creativity, boosts confidence, and reduces anxiety in children.
Event: Preorder customized products featuring original art by children May 1-5 at 3:10pm. Breakwater blacktop.

"For my Capstone I have worked with a group of kids at a community center in Portland called Front Street. This community center does not really have access to art programs or supplies so, I decided to volunteer my time and do some art with the kids. I taught one class a week for six weeks after school.  I have taken pictures of the kids’ art and selected some to turn into products like mugs, bags, coasters, buttons, magnets, stickers and pencil pouches. I am taking pre orders so they can be customized based off which of the four images you would like on your product. 100% of the proceeds go to buying art supplies and donating them to Front Street Community Center so the kids can have access to art. Art is essential for kids!

Children naturally communicate through art and play. Art gives them a fun, nonverbal approach to face challenges in their life. Because kids communicate through art so easily it is essential for them to have access to supplies and programs so they can learn to better express themselves through art.  By having art accessible it helps kids  learn how to express their creativity and boost confidence in themselves. These are just some of the reasons why art is essential for kids."

THIS YEAR'S CAPSTONE PRESENTATION NIGHTS ARE HELD MAY 30 AND JUNE 1. Please join us in support and celebration of our 8th graders and their considerable efforts in realizing their Capstone goals.

Researcher: Duncan
Topic: National Parks
Thesis: People will continue to affect the environment of the National Parks in a variety of ways.

Researcher: Adam
Topic: Green Design
Thesis: Buildings designed to be eco-friendly can positively affect your health and the earth using techniques such as solar panels.

Researcher: Rustam
Topic: Engines
Thesis: Passenger automobiles powered by electricity are better in numerous ways than vehicles powered by gasoline products. 

Researcher: Celia
Topic: Youtube
Thesis: Vloggers have a positive impact on their viewers by making a community, creating educational entertainment, being activists, and providing a good role model. 

Researcher: Chloe
Topic: 2-D Animation
Thesis: Utilizing animation as a tool in storytelling will help the message reach people of all ages. 

Researcher: Alice
Topic: Cuttlefish
Thesis: Cuttlefish camouflage has and can impact science and technology.

Researcher: Baxter
Topic: Aviation
Thesis: Despite recent and rapid advances in drone technology, there will be demand for human pilots for at least the next three generations.

Researcher: Maddie
Topic: Cosplay
Thesis: Creating cosplay costumes has value because people can use cosplay to express creativity, as a tool to meet new friends, and as a job.

Researcher: Johana
Topic: Street Art
Thesis: Street art is a useful emotional outlet because it can be used for self expression, allows creativity  and is accessible. 


Questions? Please email our 7 and 8th grade teaching team.