Support the Breakwater Fund

"By the time they’re ready to go beyond the breakwater, they’re strong enough and wise enough to take care of themselves in heavy seas" - El Costa

At Breakwater, we create a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment everyday for our students to learn. Our founder El Costa, named our school Breakwater because she envisioned a school where students could challenge themselves, make mistakes and grow in a supportive environment all while equipping themselves with skills, confidence, and perseverance to go beyond the safe harbor. 

This year, we are asking you to help us go beyond by supporting the Breakwater Fund. The Breakwater Fund is our yearly appeal to our community for unrestricted financial donations that support every facet of Breakwater’s daily operative. It is a critical piece of our capacity and supports everything we do on a daily basis. It truly is what helps us "go beyond the breakwater." Whether $5, $25 or $5,000, help us go beyond today.

Thank you for your support