Up Level Construction! Moving Steadily Ahead

The most significant changes made this summer to Breakwater's physical spaces are:

    • Taken over by trees, hills, wooden play structures, water features, interactive elements, and rainy day alcoves our once bare blacktop is now a wonderland of possibility! Surrounding the play area is a complementing walkway featuring dedicated bricks.
    • Our kindergarten has moved upstairs to occupy the old tinkering space, and classrooms have been outfitted at just the right size to perfectly accommodate more of our very youngest friends.
    • Realizing a collaborative vision between Erin Knight and the Curiosity Lab team, Shaun has magically* transformed the old library into an inspirational environment equipped to support inquiry and discovery.  (* ok. maybe not entirely magic - maybe more like hours of hard labor! but certainly a labor of love ♥︎)  

Some elements in these areas are still under construction, rapidly readying for our students' return in September!

In addition, a new single-stall bathroom has been completed on the first floor and the BYC has been hard at work updating our color palette with new paint on the interior walls of the brick and Jessie buildings.

Beginning August 21 and in time for the new school year, the new kindergarten space in the former k-4 tinkering room will be emptied and teachers will begin moving in. Additionally, toddler materials and furniture will have transferred to the new rooms and the new library space build out will begin in the current toddler classroom.

Photographs below were taken on August 5. For a reminder of what we looked like earlier in the summer, revisit our blog post Please Excuse Our Appearance While We Up Level! (June 30). And for a review of all things Up Level, don't forget to reference our designated blog page

First Floor Bathroom - Complete

Early Childhood Playscape - Complete

Toddler Rooms - In Progress

Curiosity Lab - In Progress (Join us for the ribbon cutting event on August 26!) 

New Color Palette - In Progress (Thanks, BYC!)

Still time to get involved:

Contributions for the Up Level project are heartily accepted. We were able to borrow from our return on investment fund to kick off the project, and have been fundraising to capitalize on this opportunity. We have enough to take care of the basics - so any donations really help with the “extras"-- the things that will make each of the spaces really special.

Things like: 

  • Funding specific spaces or elements, such as the library, Curiosity Lab, new toddler rooms, kindergarten space, or Jessie Building upgrades. Naming opportunities and memorial designations are available.
  • Funding specific furniture, supplies or other aspects of the project.

Please contact Renee or David. This is the time to take it from great to greater- !